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Private Voice Lessons


• mind-body awareness of the voice

• alignment, breath & resonance

• articulation, diction, languages & I.P.A.

• expression, connection, song as monologue

• music reading

Audition Preparation

• Prepare school, college, theater auditions

• monologue coaching

• music theater, vocal jazz or classical solo prep

• music reading 

• building confidence

Yoga Therapy

• Yoga therapy is most often done one-to-one. • It takes into account a whole-person approach to improve health & wellness,

integrating yoga philosophy, breath, & asana into a daily life experience

•Sessions can include:

    -yoga therapy for overall health

    -yoga therapy for vocal health

    -yoga therapy and the teacher's voice

Yoga Therapy for Performance Anxiety

Anxiety is manifested in the body in many ways:    • high blood pressure & pulse rate,

 • rapid breathing

 • sleep disruption & poor eating habits

 • inability to focus

Whether you're a performer getting ready for a show or just experiencing general anxiety, yoga therapy can help with all of the above.

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